“I had bad back pain all last football season – sometimes I could not practice or play in the game.  My coach told me to go to you before our first game this year and in 3 weeks I was playing football without pain!  You guys are awesome!!!”  Matt

“I am back to running 4 miles three times a week and longer run on weekends”.  Laura

“I have total pain-free mobility in my neck.  Before therapy my movement was restricted and painful”.  Arthur

“Melissa treated my broken shoulder.  Now I can use my arm to do anything I want to with no pain!”  Betty

“This was a great program.  I have tried acupuncture, pills, etc., and nothing else worked.  I am completely satisfied and would recommend this program to anyone in pain”.  Jan

“I had a herniated disc in my neck.  My pain was a 10 and now my head and upper body are without pain.  I feel my arm now and I can grip and lift.  You guys are awesome!”  N.W.

“Thanks for getting me going again.  You guys have been great – I’ve been able to avoid (back) surgery and now I’m playing tennis, walk and stand”.  Dolores

“I had arthritis with 8/10 pain.  Now my pain is occasionally 1/10!  This was great and learning to use my brace and be able to do things I love again is worth it.  I can dance and walk, go up stairs all without pain!”  A.L.

“My knee and hip pain were a 10/10!  I can stand for longer periods, work easier on my knees and walk easier.  The treatment from everyone has been very helpful, observant and good listeners”.  Joan

“After treatment for my rotator cuff injury, I can sleep on my right side and have much more range of motion.  Thanks!  Love the improvement”.  Jean

“The therapy for my knee surgery got me going much faster and it never hurt me!  It was actually fun.  Nina and everyone were so wonderful to me and very professional”.  Corrie

“I am now back to full use of my shoulder, which is one month earlier than planned!  Thank you guys!”  Steven

“I can walk without pain in my left ankle for the first time in 2 years!  I cannot express my gratitude in words!”  Mary Beth

“I had a frozen shoulder with underlying injury.  Yes, after just a few weeks, my shoulder was ready for surgery, and post-op, I was back to nearly full activity in less than a month!  Melissa was a great therapist.  She was invested in my success”.  Jim

“During pregnancy I had hip and back pain.  I have complete relief of pain after only one visit and home exercises.  This was so amazing after living with the pain for past 4 years.  I had tried a chiropractor, another PT and suffered through my first pregnancy with this pain!  Thank you so much!”  M.L.

“I had never had BPPV before.  I was skeptical that PT could ‘fix me’.  But after 2 sessions I was indeed cured!  He also gave me some helpful back exercises.  I no longer have any issues with my BPPV or my back!  Thank you”.  Beth

“I thought my back pain was due to an old injury.  Your staff immediately made a different (and correct) diagnosis and instituted proper therapy.  I am greatly improved!  It has made a real difference for me and I love reporting this to my doctor”.  Philip

“The staff is incredibly friendly and helpful!”  Margaret

“I had walking difficulty and lower back pain.  I feel I am greatly improved, walk better with better balance and confidence.  Our visits were fun and we miss you”.  James

“I’ve learned great stretches and strengthening exercises to make my core strong and safe ways to lift my kids and how to sit and play with them without hurting my back. Thank you so much!”  Carrie

“I was playing foursquare when I squatted down and dislocated and chipped my knee. After surgery I started physical therapy with Advanced.  Now I am stronger and healed.  It was fun to go to therapy because everyone is always happy, positive and encouraging!”  Molly

“I’ve been doing excellent. Most days my pain level is at 1 or below while waitressing. I do my exercises everyday and I’m getting stronger. I owe those excellent results to Jim and everyone else that worked with me.  If I ever need some physical therapy again I would definitely come back. The atmosphere was great!!!”  Melody

When I began PT I had chronic neck pain—however with Karen’s massages and the correct stretches I am now pain free. Hopefully I will not have another injury that requires PT—but if I do—I will come back!”  Morgan


Advanced Center Physical Therapy FAQs
Advanced Center Physical Therapy FAQs
Advanced Center Physical Therapy FAQs